Dr. Arthur Burrows, Registered Psychologist

Dr. Burrows is a Registered Psychologist in both B.C. and the Northwest Territories.

He provides both in-person and remote therapy and psychological assessment to youth and adults ages 5-70. He currently specializes in serving First Responders, military, and veterans.

In addition to his private practice, he has worked in a range of school, community and medical facilities.

Dr. Burrows has been an instructor in the area of psychology, research, assessment, behaviour and education at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels. He has supervised graduate psychology students, as well as provisional psychologists. As a teacher, he has specialized in the areas of behaviour, learning disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

His training and research areas have included program assessment, psychometrics and assessment of developmental and psychiatric conditions, with a specific focus on ADHD.

Dr. Burrows has served as an adviser to various non-profit and governmental organizations in a variety of areas including trauma, ADHD, behaviour, and distance psychological therapy and education. He has served on the board and executives of a number of non-profit organizations related to developmental disabilities and psychiatric conditions.